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VEGETABLE GROWING AREA - A great educational feature for your school

Planting vegetables, caring for the seedlings then harvesting and eating the crops offers a fantastic range of educational opportunities.

Increasingly schools are recognising these opportunities but have found it difficult to put a sustainable scheme into practice.

Using our 20 years of experience in play area design we have devised a modular system that can be installed and ready to use in less than a week.

  • Grade 1 growing medium for outstanding results
  • Paths made of hardwood chippings
  • Flexibility to fit any space
  • Security with fencing and lockable gate
  • Wheelchair accessible work area
  • Irrigation points
  • Mini greenhouse
  • Potting bench
  • Tool storage
  • Compost bin

We supply all seeds , mini vegetable potted plants (plugs), fruit trees and bushes.

Careful consideration has been given to all aspects of the design including safety, accessibility, sustainability. We comply with all standards governing the installation and clients find that employing a single contractor to undertake all elements of external work simplifies the administration of a contract. For further details please contact us now

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